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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Fall Stock of Fancy Bras


34-36A 32 and 38B 32-36C 32D
Matching Panty 5254 Thong 5263


30-36E 34F 32-36FF 34G 34GG
Seamed Cup Bra. Scalloped edge on delicate lace. Blue and pink floral print on black. Matching Panty 2955 Small to Large.

32-36F 32-38G 32-38H Violet Fatal is a beautiful purple. 3-part full coverage seamed bra. Matching panty 1383 Brazilian Brief Also in White and Black

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

La Cera Sleepwear

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shirley of Hollywood Men's Rayon Robe 30132

30132 SOFT KNIT LONG ROBE With tie belt and Pockets. Color: Black, Charcol.
Sizes: M/L. Shown with no. 30131 boxers that are not in stock.

Shirley of Hollywood Corsets 25953 25907

Shirley of Hollywood 25953 Satin and Spandex Corset Top
With a sexy zipper front, pretty Venice trim at top and bottom and a form fitting, comfortable spandex back. Colors: Purple/Black Shown with No. 6618 Stockings. (G-string for photography only.)

Shirley of Hollywood 25907 Satin Corset with Break Away Zipper Front

With slimming boning, lace up back with strong cording lacers and comes with removable, adjustable garters and G-string. Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Emerald. Sizes: 32-34-36-38.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shirley of Hollywood - Rayon and Silk Chemises

Intimate Attitudes x30107 COLORFUL BUTTERFLIES ARE DEPICTED ON OUR PRINTED BURNOUT SILK CHEMISE Embellished with brilliant sequins. Open sides and adjustable straps. Comes with G-string. This chemise is a delight to wear. Colors: Black, Ivory Sizes: 1X, 2X, 3X.

3253 FEELS SO INCREDIBLY SOFT AND SUPPLE, OUR RAYON/SPANDEX KNIT CHEMISE Has delicate stretch lace cups and sexy front panels. Adjustable straps and G-string included. Colors: Lilac, Black, Deep Coral. Sizes: S-M-L-XL.

3252 SEXY AND SLEEK, OUR SUPER SOFT, FEEL GOOD KNIT BALLERINA GOWN Has alluring, deep plunge neckline, ultra comfortable sides with “T” back and an alluring asymmetrical chiffon hem. Colors: Black, Deep Coral, Peacock Sizes: S-M-L-XL. Also available in Plus Sizes.

x3252 SEXY AND SLEEK, OUR SUPER SOFT, FEEL GOOD KNIT BALLERINA GOWN Has alluring, deep plunge neckline, ultra comfortable sides with “T” back and an alluring asymmetrical chiffon hem. Colors: Black, Deep Coral, Peacock. Sizes: 1X-2X-3X.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Montelle 9122 9022 Noblesse Lace Bras

Demi bace bra - Flirt - 9012 - Evening Blush 34-36A 32-36B 32C

Full coverage lace bra - Noblesse - 9022 - Evening Blush 32-38D 32-36DD/E 32-36DDD/F 32-364G

There photos are brighter than the actual lace. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chantelle 2126 with convertible straps.

34-36C 34-38D 30-36DD 32-36F 30 & 34G

  • Memory Foam
  • While not a strapless bra the straps are convertible and removable.
  • Neutral disappears under light colored clothes.

PLEASURE STATE Fmo Smooth Plunge Bra

The FMO Smooth Plunge Push-Up Bra gives you a push-up effect whilst maintaining your natural profile. Designed to be sleek, smooth and minimalist, the exclusive Secret Service sueded lining will keep you comfortable all day while giving you a supportive hold and superior uplift. With detachable back straps as standard, you can wear the bra crossed at the back to complement your clothing style or further enhance your cleavage.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Van Elle 75335

Smooth Moulded T-shirt Bra. Wide soft back.
Strawberry Lemonade 34-38B 34-38C 34-38D 34-38DD
Navy 36-40C 34-40D
Steele Violet 36-40C 34-40D
Sweet Lavender 36-38C 36DD

The coral is darker and more viberant than shown here. 

The blue looks very different with 2 light sources. 

Near the front window and in sunlight. 

Steel Grey. Close to what it actually looks like. 

Light lavendar and more purple. 

The Van Elle 75335 is a foam moulded cup t-shirt bra. While not a plunge it is low at the center front. With the trim at the top edge it curves in encasing the breat tissue and preventing spillage.  The band is wide so will not cut in and compress the flesh as noticable as many. The material is thick and firm so will keep its shape longer. The straps are tappered in at the center back to prevent them from slipping off the shoulders. For versatility there are clips, where the straps meet the band, to make the bra a racer back or criss crossed style. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The biggest compliment I could receive.

"Who knew bra shopping could be fun?"

During a busy day I was able to make the chore, to many, enjoyable.

I overpacked for Vegas but still had a great time.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Things to consider regarding bras when packing to travel.

1. What is the climate like that you are going to? Will it be hot and muggy or hot and dry? Either way, if it is hot you will be less comfortable than usual and small irritations will be magnified. You will need to wash your bras more often in a hotter climate as well. We reccomend Forever New powdered wash. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

2. How much rooom do you have in your luggage? Softer cups are easier to squash more of them into small spaces without damage. Whereas molded cup t-shirt bras get permanently creased when they are smushed and if one cup is folded into another.

3. Will you have time to shop for a properly fitting bras if something goes wrong with yours? If the underwire pops out or snaps or the band just gives up on you. Many vacations and trips are on a tight schedual and finding specialty shops can be a challenge.

4. Will there BE anywhere to purchase a properly fitting bra where you are going? I can find a suitable tshirt or pair of shorts to get by just about anywhere but the small town my sister lives in has a selection of 3 bras avaliable. None, however, are in anything close to my size.

You may want to pack an extra bra or two in place of a t-shirt or pair of shorts but if that is not an option find ways to roll things smaller or tuck the bras down the side of the suitcase.

One way to protect the molded cup bras is to put a shoe box in your suitcase, place the bra in the suitcase and pack small belongings all around the bra. It does not take up more room and your bra will not get smushed.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mary Green going out of business.

It is unfortunate but the the deadline for the last order we can place is July 31st 2014.
Mary Green has been one of our favorite suppliers of silk panties, slips and nighties. They also had a line called Mansilk. Which is a line of robes, pj pants, boxers and underwear for men. To prevent dissapontment, as the items you want may sell out quickly, check out the Mary Green website if you want to get in on last minute sales.

The stock we have currently is not on sale.

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An alternative to the hit and miss shopping method many use for purchasing gifts for a significant other.

When it comes to buying a gift for your wife, girlfriend or lover the process can be overwhelming. If reading her mind were possible it would be much easier. This is the next best thing.

1. Have your sweetheart come for a bra fitting. With our assisitance and guidence she will then choose sets that she likes and that fit properly.

2. She will then have us put the sets aside for you to choose from.

3. When you come in at all you have to do is choose the set, or sets, that you like.

We also gift wrap free of charge.

This is a simple Win/Win situation.

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Measuring for a bra size is a guideline but rarely works as each body fits 3 to 4 size combinations.

One of the most common statements I hear, after "I hate bra shopping!" is "My size is..."

After years of fitting I have found that one body is not defined by a specific size as the bra industry has not regulated the sizing or measurements of actual bras.  While there are commonalities within brands even a style or colour change will have an effect on the size combination required. There are times when a 34F will have a larger/longer band than a 36DD, even in similar styles and fabrics.

The key is to keep an open mind, avoid getting hung up on the number or letter, know the fitter has an in-depth knowledge of bras and how each style fits different bodies.  At Victoria Classic Lingerie the staff has over 35 years experience collectively.  There are so many cup shapes: full, demi, t-shirt, seamed, three part seamed, contour, minimizer, balcony, shelf, petite, and blaconette. Each fits differently and work with some bodies and not others.

Three key fitting guidelines that make the size of the bra irrelevant:

1. The underwires must fit snuggly, like a glove, at the crease between body and breast. No spaces, no skin on skin, no folding and smooshing. Avoid the coconuts on a string effect. If the underwires do not fit snuggly at the crease DO NOT buy the bra. No matter what other elements you like another size combination or style will work better so keep looking. You deserve the comfort and support of a correct fit. The underwire must also encase all the breast tissue. Some are a shallow curve and others sharp.

2. The band has to be snug, can only be pulled an inch away from the body at the back, and is parallel to the floor.  The bra may feel tight but that is ok.  Tight, firm, snug and secure are good. on the other hand painful is bad. Wider bands are more secure, stay snug longer and smoosh back flesh less. If the band rides up it is too big.

3. There has to be enough fabric in the cup to encase all breast tissue and have a smooth transition from bra to body. This includes the side boob as this must be encased in the wires as well. If when you  raise your arms the underiwre comes arway from your body the cups are too small. If there is a cut or indentation at the top of your breast creating a quad boob effect the bra is too small. To fix this go up in the cup size NEVER go up in the band size to get a bigger cup. 

Sizes have changed. I lined up a Chantelle 166 in 34D, which has been around for 20 years or more, and a Fantasie Deco 1554 in a 28FF, which is a new style, the bands and cups are the same. Though one is a full coverage bra and the other is a plunge balcony bra. 

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Pride Parade 2014 with The Eves of Destruction.

Representing the skating officials for roller derby. Also the first time back on skates after an injury. A great way to celebrate.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bras that are convertable to strapless.

Strapless bras by Chantelle, Triumph, Fantasie and Fit Full Yours 

For all your strapless, halter, and scoop neck tops and dresses. 

 Chantelle Strapless 3954

 Chantelle 3812


Underwired half cup padded T-Shirt bra in a soft diamond Jaquard microfibre fabric. 


 Fantasie 4530

Molded foam cups for smooth, seam-free natural shaping.  Firm, supportive fit with a soft fee. Natural cotton inside cups feels soft against your skin. Microfiber wing panels offer comfortable support. With gripper elastic to hold the bra in place The detachable straps for halter, criss cross, traditional wearing options.

Deep projection for lift and support. The angle of the smooth foam cups give the lift and projection of a balcony bra without bulk. Silicone grippy at top and bottom edges around the whole bra for added stay-put-ness.

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