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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Closed Canada Day long weekend

We will be closed Saturday June 30th thru Monday July 2nd and reopening at 10am Tuesday July 3rd for your lingerie and sleepwear needs.

Friday, May 18, 2018

We will be closed for the Victoria Day Long Weekend.

Store Hours Victoria Day Long Weekend

Closed Saturday May 19th thru Monday May 21st. Reopening Tuesday May 22nd at 10am.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Arrivals from Elomi, Freya and Passionata.

New stock:
Passionata 5701 Ice Blue. 34-36B 32-36C 30-38D 30-36E 32F 30-34G with matching panty.

Freya 5141 Forest Song 34-36F 34-36FF 32-38G 34H with matching Panty.

Elomi 4240 Bijou Flirt in Purple. 36E 34FF 34G 36G

Elomi 4110 Morgan in Purple floral. 36-42F 36-42FF 34-42G 32-40GG 32-40H 32-36HH with matching panty.

Elomi 4030 Cate in Hot Pink. 36F 40F 34FF 36FF 40FF 36-40G 34GG 36GG

Chantelle 2941 Sport Bra new colour in stock.

Chantelle 2941 Sports bra in Snake print.
30-38E 32-36F 30-36G 32-34H

The basic and reorderable colours are grey with pink stitching and black with teal stitching.

A comfortable bra with a padded wire area for an optimal support in the most extreme conditions.

Soft and breathable materials to avoid irritations due to movements.

Straps with a J hook option for a better adaptation to all kind of sports outfits

Friday, February 9, 2018

One way to extend the life of your bra.

There are a few reasons why taking the back of ones bra in is needed.

Bands of some bras tend to stretch out, especially if they are hooked up in the front and pulled around the body, what seems like quickly while the rest of the bra is in good shape.

Sometimes it is not possible to find the size  that fits our body, as we are not cookie cutter shapes, even with a plethora of dimensions combinations on the market.

1. Use a seam ripper or fine scissors to remove the back hooks. One side at a time and pin it to the bra as you go as to not put them back on the wrong side.

2. Mark what needs to be removed, generally an inch to an inch and a half either side, then cut the excess off.

3. Open up the top of the back to the strap if the moving the hooks over means having to reshape the back.

4. Pin the elastic to the new curved shape. Sew the elastic back down with a wide zig zag stitch. Trim off excess.

5. Reattach the hooks. First pin the back to the bra and attach it. Then fold over the front and sew it in place.

If you are able to sew and are able to do this yourself that is fabulous.

If not it is a service that I charge $20 for. The bras must be washed, in something other than smelly stuff such as Tide due to allergies, since it was last worn. The bras do not have to have been purchased at our store but I do need you to be there for a fitting to confim the desired end result. Pop in, call or email with any questions.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

New arrivals in Diamond Tea Robes.

The much awaited shipment of Diamond Tea Robes arrived yesterday.

Here is what we have in the cotton velour.
Notched Collar Wrap
5-136 Extra Small - Teal
136-6 Small - Spruce
136-7 Small - Plum, Pomegranate, Lapis, Barley
Medium - Pink, Lapis, Plum, Spruce
Large - Pomegranate, Spruce
5-136 Extra Large - Pomegranate, Plum

Shawl Collar Wrap
161-7 Small - Lapis
161-6 Medium - Barley, Pomegranate
161-7 Medium - Plum
161-7 Large - Spruce
161-6 Large - Pomegranate
161-7 Extra Large - Plum

Flat Front Zip Robe
160-7 Small - Lapis
Medium -Pomegranate, Plum, Spruce
Large - Pomegranate, Lapis

Pleat Front Zip Robe
142-6 Small - 2 Pink
Medium - (Lapis Sold), Spruce
Large - Plum, Spruce
Extra Large - Plum
1 Extra Large - Lapis  Plum

Holiday Hours

Dec 23rd 11-3pm
Dec 25th-26th Closed
Dec 27th- 30th 11-3pm
Jan 1st Closed
Jan 2nd 10-5:30pm

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Strategic gift selection.

There is still a week before Yule/Christmas and plenty of time to find the perfect cozy robe, comfy flannel pjs, a sassy bodysuit, lace panties or a slinky nightgown for your significant other.

If you were thinking of bra and panty set they are harder to fit so we suggest a gift certificate or bring your SO in for a fitting or send them in for the fitting on their own and put on hold aside a selection of sets/garments that they love and fit for you to come in and pick from.
We have a vast array of brands, styles and sizes to accommodate many needs and bodies. Come in or call to see what we have in stock as not everything is posted on facebook, the blog or website.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Teal we meet again.

Diamond Tea Robe in a cotton velour. A matching bra and panty set or chemise and wrap set in peacock by Triumph. A full coverage bra, Maxine, by Fit Fully Yours. And a chemise by Montelle are a few of the lingerie items in many of shades of teal this season

Diamond Tea Robe in Extra Small 75% cotton and 25% Polyester Velour

Bras that are in stock in many shades of blue.

Montelle 9320 Molded Smooth Cup Tshirt Bra.

Triumph Velvet Spotlight in red.

Sizes 32-38B 32-38C 32-36D.

Racerback design with lace detail that is mean to be shown. The flocked velvet is soft to the touch. With matching Panty and Garterbelt.

Elomi 8740 Amelia Spacer Fabric Underwire Tshirt Bra in vibrant Red.

Elomi Amelia 8740 underwire bandless spacer fabrc t-shirt bra in Red is now in stock.

38F 36-38FF 34-40G 34-40GG 34-38H This smooth cup t-shirt bra is lightweight, due to being made from spacer fabric, yet supportive. The bandless design is is good for all body types but especially those with a shorter torso.

We did not bring in the matching panty but a few styles from Coquette and Triumph match the red.

Friday, November 10, 2017

November 11th.

We will be closed Saturday November 11th and open Monday November 13th.

Thank you to all who have served and who are currently serving.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Annual Sale Details

On sale 50% Off  - Orange dot items only and in the assorted sizes that are left.


  • 9023 2 part lace bra with S curve in Purple with matching Brazilian.

  • 1723 Lightly padded demi cup bra in Tropical with matching Boyshort.

  • 1781 2 part seamed bra with S curve design and underwire in Black and Gold with matching Thong and Panty.
  • 1571 3 part seamed bra in Orange with matching Panty.
  • 1747 Spacer Fabric tshirt bra with underwire in Neutral and Black.
  • 1951 Full cup tshirt bra in Neutral and Black.

Fit Fully Yours
  • 1602 Rosa Sweetheart Molded cup tshirt bra with underwire in Caffe and Purple.
  • 1007 Misty Soft Cup thsirt bra without a wire in Pink Fawn and Black.

  • Beauty - Full Darling seamed lace bra in peach with matching Panty.
  • 9008 Elegant Touch bralette in black.

  • 853209 2 sports bra in Purple and Black or Neutral.
  • 852256 Non wired bralette in Pink, Green and Black.

Fit fully Yours
  • 1012 Maxine Moulded cup tshirt bra with underwire in Deep Red.

  • 4095 Lace underwire in Magenta and Black.


  • 7707 Teddy in Pink.
  • 7041 Teddy in Merlot.

  • 9251 Chemise in WhiteSwan.
  • 9191 Chemise in Pale Pink.

  • 3017 Nighty in Pink.
  • 3026 Nighty in Blue.

  • 25774 in Blue.

  • 12377 Cuddle Satin Sleepshirt in Deep Purple.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Annual November Bra and Sleepwear Sale.

Annual November Bra and Sleepwear Sale. An additional 25% Off of already reduced sale bras and sleepwear.*

50% Off discontinued styles and colours in brands such as Chantelle, Fit Fully Yours, Montelle, Triumph and Wacoal.

All November long.

*Last marked price.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Corsets have many uses. Dress them up or down.

Dress up a corset with a long velvet skirt and you have an evening gown. Dress it down with only garter tabs and stockings and you have a boudoir photo shoot.

We have a selection of corsets from Coquette.
    3685 Black Velvet with set in cups and satin trim in Medium and Large.
    3677 Black with set in cups, pin stripes and red lace at the cups in Medium and Large.
    3385 Black over-bust style with ruffles at the top and bottom edges and a red satin lace up in Medium, Large and Extra Large.
    3728 Over-bust style. Small in White. Medium in Red. Black in Large.
    3394 Lace under-bust corset in Black in Small, Red in Medium and Large.
    1335 Lace under-bust corset in Small, Medium and Large.
    350 Over-bust brocade Black in Medium, Large, Extra Large and 1X/2X.