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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Anita Sports Bag Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase - Sports Bag, while supplies last, when buying an Anita Sports bra. 5529 in an assortment of Red, Teal, Black and Desert in sizes 36B 30-38C 30-40D 30-40E 30-40F 30-38G 32-38H. Any Anita sports bra. We also have styles 5533 5526 and 5523.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Holiday Closure.

From our families to yours Happy Thanksgiving. We are closed Monday October 10th and will reopen Tuesday October 11th at 10am.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blush Spotlight 233202 longline convertible strapless. Forest Green Polka dots.
In sizes 32-36B 32-36C 32-36D 32-36DD Matching: High waist panties with lace opening and ribbon details down the back. Chemise with lace back.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Montelle Noblesse 9022 in Twilight

All lace. Total Support. 'Noblesse' is our lace bra for the fuller bust. This underwire bra is entirely lined with power netting and back micro fiber panels for added support. U-back and side boning for ultimate comfort.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Elomi 4100 Blaze Underwire Seamed Lace Cup Bra and matching Panty



Turn up the heat this season as Morgan introduces a new fiery pattern, Blaze. The subtle hint of contemporary animal print comes in rich autumnal hues, making this collection both sassy and sensuous. In cups E F FF G GG H

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Victoria Classic Lingerie will be close Friday July 1st to Sunday July 3rd and will ope at the usual time of 10am  Monday July 4th.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sports Bras

Sports Bras
Sports bras have a specific purpose and that is to support your breasts while you move. Whether that movement takes the form of running, hockey, roller derby, horseback riding, walking or stretching there is a brand and style that will give the appropriate support.
5529 Non Wired. Maximum Support. 36B 30-40C 30-40D 30-42E 30-40F 30-38G 30-38H

Comes in Black/Schwarz and Desert
M-frame construction to hold the bust down and prevent jarring motion or spillage. Mesh back for breathability and air flow. Silver threads throughout the front act as an antibacterial. Looped terry fabric on the inside promotes wicking of moisture away from the body.

5533 Non wired. Maximum Support. Pink/Anthrazit 38B 36-40C 32-38D 34-38E 34-36F Material is light, air permeable net. Mesh back for breathability and air flow. Straps are ergonomically cut and padded throughout. Double layered seamlessly shaped cups. Matching Panty 1627 12

5526 Non wired. Firm Support Purple Ocean 32E 30-36F 32G

1627 Sport- Panty Peacock/Anthrazit Small to Large High function and breathable.

Elomi 8041 Energize Beige 34-38G 34GG 34-38H

Freya 4002 Beige 34F 32G 32H

Chantelle 2941 Wired. Seamed padded ups. J hook creates racer back an option. M-frame construction. Padded straps. 32-40D 32-40DD 32-38F 3040G 42-34H Assorted sizes in Black, Grey, Turquoise, Blue and Hot Pink.

8210 triaction sport grey/pink. Lightly padded seamed cup. Racer back 34-38 B 34-38C 34-40D 34-40DD
83988 Endurance black/pink. Lightly padded seamed cup. Convertible to racer back. 32-38B 32-38C 32-4D 32-38DD 32F

504 non wired. White and black. Seamlessly shaped cup. 34-36A 36-38B 34-40C 34-40D 34-38DD

Lunaire underwired seamed cups. 34-42C 34-42D 40DD 36DDD

Wacoal 852247 wireless smooth cups. toast and white. 36-38B 40D 36DD 34-40DDD This bra offers light support and is more a leisure than sports bra. It would be best utilized while gardening, doing gentle yoga or walking. Not for high impact activities.
856114 wireless smooth padded cup. Beige 34-40C 34-38D 36DD 853209 wired smooth padded cups. Beige 38DDD 32G 38G 855170 wired smooth shaped cups. Beige and Black. 34-36DD 36-38DDD 34G

Wear and tear on bras.

How long your bras last depends on many factors.
    A. The quality of the bras.
    B. How they are put on.
    C. How they are taken care of.
    D. How many are in your wardrobe.

A. If the bra you purchase is low quality/cheap it will not last long or be comfortable while it is worn. The goal for many is to be as comfortable as possible so choose quality over price.

B. If the bra is hooked up in the front, with the cups at the back,and pulled around the body it is either already too big or being prematurely stretched with metal fatigue breaking the underwires. Make sure the band of the bra is snug and put on with the hooks behind your back.

C. All bras should be hand washed. Take them into the shower if you have to. There is water and soap right there. If they are put in the washing machine, even if they are never put in the dryer, they will be wrecked and mangled the first time. The delicate cycle is for light weigh shirts and materials not bras.

D. The more bras in your wardrobe the better. By that I mean 5-9 or more. Women generally wear a bra every day, potentially 365 days a year. I will take off 15 days for sick days or days at the beach but still that is 350 days of wearing a garment or a selection of garments. It is recommended that a woman has 5 - 9 good quality, well fitting bras. This is not including sports bras. Which should be 3 to every pair of runners one pair owned.

Use per bra. 3 properly fit, bras equals 116 days a year of wear or 928 hours based on an 8 hour day of wear or 1392 hours if it is 12 hours, which is closer to reality.

5 bras equals 70 days a year of wear or 560 hours based on an 8 hour day of wear or 840 hours if it is 12 hours a day.

7 bras equals 50 days a year of wear or 400 hours based on an 8 hour day of wear or 600 hours if it is 12 hours a day.

9 bras equals 40 days a year of wear or 320 hours based on an 8 hour day of wear or 480 hours if it is 12 hours a day.

These bras are over 5 years old at the time of the photo.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Check out our Spring selection of sports bras.

We have a variety of sports bras in stock from Anita, Chantelle, Elomi and Wacoal. While some are available in the basic black and beige others are in vibrant colours such as blue and hot pink. There is even one style available, on special order, that is teal and matches the colours of our local roller derby team The Belles of the Brawl. Who played the Harbour City Roller Girls, 74/281, at the season opener April 30th. The Next game is May 21st at Archie Browning Arena. Buy tickets here
Whether it is yoga, running or roller derby we have sports bras for you.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sports bras are not leisure bras and vice versa.

Though they have a few similarities there are many differences. The main one being end use. A leisure bra is a simple structureless garment to be worn while doing minimal activity. A sports bra is architecturally designed to lift, support and hold the bust in place while one is engaged in high impact activity. Leisure bras often have either a Small Medium Large or 34 36 38 size designation, are pulled over the body and have little or no strap adjustment. Sports bras have specific size designations for an accurate fit. 34D 32F 30G 38H Sports bras have material that wicks moisture away from the body. Some have an M frame to hold the bust down.

Leisure Bra - Wacoal 835275 in sizes 32 34 36 38
 The straps are fixed and it is a pull over garment so there is little adjustability but the fabric is smooth and soft so exceptionally comfortable. This specific bra is best for smaller busts no matter the band size. 

 Sports Bra - Anita 5529  Cups A to H with Bands 30-46
Maximum support with ultimate comfort: The breathable high-tech fabric ensures that the skin milieu is regulated, helping you improve your performance. This sports bra also minimizes the movement of the breast and provides maximum support through to the large cup sizes. The new, extremely flat seams and towelling-soft seamless cups pamper the body. Another advantage - the fully padded and adjustable support straps relieve strain on the neck. In Neutral and a Black with silver underlay.

Freya Deco Spotlight 1554 in Black with white polka dots

Deco Spotlight Underwire Molded cup bra. 
Sizes: 32-34E 30-34F 32-34FF 

Deco Spotlight gives great lift without being a full coverage bra. The cups are firm so have the benefit of discretion.

The band of your bra has to be snug and secure on the loosest set of hooks. As shown the band should be low in the back.  If you are looking for more support or your bra shifts on your body get a smaller band and bigger cup.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Chantelle Bras 1891 and 1241

C Magnifique Unlined Underwire Bra 1891
  • Everyday supportive underwire bra
  • Floral printed stretch cups are beautiful and comfortable
  • Non-padded cups Cups lay flat and are smooth under your clothing
  • Full coverage cups contain your bust and prevent you from spilling out
  • Inner support panels help center your bust and give a minimizing effect and a rounded shape
  • Straps are centered, preventing them from falling off your shoulders
  • Fully adjustable straps for a custom fit Straps and underwires are lightly padded and are extremely comfortable
  • Wide band gives you ultimate support and a back smoothing effect
Chantelle 1241 in Icy Blue.

Sizes 32C 34D 32-34DD 32-36F 34G
  • Smooth, lightly padded cups provide a seamless look under your clothes 
  • Cups are made of memory foam that conforms to the bust with your natural body heat to give you a custom fit 
  • Medium coverage cups contain your bust and prevent you from spilling out without too much coverage 
  • Prevents show through 
  • Spaghetti straps in all sizes for a feminine look 
  • Soft microfiber band gives you support with ultimate comfort 
Matching Slip Brief 1684 Medium to Extra large Shorty 1683 in Medium and Large. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pre-order Diamond Tea Robes

Due to high demand we are currently looking for pre-orders on Diamond Tea Robes for Fall of 2016. As they are made to order and need 6 months notice we have to place our order right after the buying show and by the end of March. Answer a few questions on this survey or give us a call to let us know what you are looking for.
We do ship to the U.S.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Silk knits by Kim Allen

Kim Allen Silks:
French Cut panties 4285
Full Cut Panties 4863
Camisole 6811
Vest 6732
Long Leg Pant 5401
All in Cream, Beige and Black from Small to XXL. Though not all styles, sizes or colors are in stock at all times.

"Kim Allan Silk Corp. (KAS) is the result of Kim's enthusiasm and dedication to create a product that surpasses customer’s expectations and at the same time provide superior customer service. KAS sells luxurious silk knit garments that are meant to be worn everyday. You won’t find lace or fancy fads. KAS produces ultra-comfortable, sensible silk garments that are explicitly designed to make people of all sizes feel good. Sensible silk for every body."
Writeup taken from Kim Allens website.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Arianne Camisoles

Arianne camisoles, panties and lace nightgowns in Small to Extra Large.

 5225 Arlete Camisole in Black and White.

5413 Kylie Camisole in White and Black.

5498 Teri Camisole in Black and Sand.

8240 Natasha 32" Chemise in White.        8129 Kaitlyn Chemise in Red Floral.

7356CA Stacy Panty in Red.

8640 Natasha 48" Chemise in Black.